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Search feature on static HTML sites – The smart way

You all must have stumbled on static HTML sites. Either you created them or you found them around. The purpose of those sites today is simplicity. Not everybody needs dynamic content and thus not everybody needs complex CMS’s with huge back end administration panel. So, what is more easy than putting together a few simple HTML pages. But what if you want to incorporate a search feature into that? Well, when a developer first thinks of search, the second thing that hits his mind is “database“. If you fall for that, then there goes simplicity and fast loading. You are already on a war...
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Get rid of the newsflash plugins. Do it yourself!

Does the title ring a bell? I bet it does. It must remind you of the article i wrote quite some time ago titled “Get rid of the sociable plugins. Do it yourself!“. It helped a lot of people save some CPU time and memory usage. Now it’s time for the newsflash! The idea came to me after i read this article on a modification for the theme. It actually gives a very nice little admin area on the theme options but it fiddles with the database so i decided to show you how you can do the same thing without any query run. Firstly, i will summarize all the steps we are going to take in order to...
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Lines from “Whose Line”

I’ve always liked American shows, series (like “Three’s company”) and stuff, i guess culturally it fits me. I also love stand up comedy. Actually anything that has to do with it, stand up, imrpov etc. About a year ago i discovered a great show, “Whose line is it anyway”. It started as an English show, back in the eighties and then in ’98 it went to the states. I guess all my American readers should already know what i am talking about, all the othersshould have to take a quick look on Imdb. ...
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Insert the post title in your “read more” tag easily

Watching twitter today, i came across a tweet from Kikolani. Now i’ve been following her for quite some time getting valuable feedback and post ideas. Today’s tweet was about a post on TechJaws called “The Biggest Mistakes in SEO” which i found interesting. As always i have my agrees and disagrees but still it was a nice read. One of the author’s points was ““Click Here” or “Read More” Link Anchor Text“. Here is what he suggests: Many people use “Clíck here” or “Learn more” as the linking text. This is great if you want to be ranked high for...
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101 Sociable links for manual insertion in WordPress

A few months back i had a post about how to get rid of your sociable plugins and doing the same thing by editing your theme. In that post i have included a few popular sociable networks such as Digg and Stumbleuppon but today i have decided to include as much as possible, 101 to be exact. You can go through them and decide which ones you want to use. The links are included as they should be in your theme. Take a look at the older post on how to do it and get the links from here. I used the Sociable plugin source code to extract the links. You can also find images for the links herein here (also from...
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