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Using Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) to create a new site

To cut to the chase, the process of creating a new subsite using WSS is as follows: Connect to the main site using SPSite. Add the new site using the Add() method on AllWebs collection. Do all kinds of magic using the newly created site. Here is a small C# code example: SPSite rootSite = new SPSite("http://testsite"); SPWeb site = rootSite.AllWebs.Add("testsub"); In order to access this site you need to visit “http://testsite/testsub”. Hope this...
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Hook up C# with Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) tutorial

In this small tutorial i shall demonstrate how to hook up C# to use the Windows Sharepoint Services API (WSS). It’s fairly simple and straightforward. You need the following: A machine running Windows server 2003/08 with Sharepoint installed. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. About 15 minutes. For the purposes of this example, we will create a small console application that will list all the sites of a Sharepoint site. First of open Visual Studio and create a new Visual C# console application. Next step is adding the reference to the WSS API on our project. To do so, you can go on the explorer...
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