September, 2008 |

Wp-Stats not counting!

I’ve had WP-Stats ( stats) since i started this blog. When i moved it to the new domain and changed the theme my stats stoped counting. The line was flat! So, at the beggining i thought that the users haven’t learnt about the change yet. I kept it like that for almost 24 hours till i got my first comment! So, i had a comment and the line was still flat. Something was fishy. I started fiddling around with the settings of the plugin along with my homepage on WordPress. But, still nothing. The line was always flat. I decided to go around and find another plugin. I still had...
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IRC for hardcores or… masochists!

Now here is another post on the “hardcore or masochist” series. It’s been a long time since the last similar post but it’s been a long time since i ever got to explore a protocol. This was a pretty easy one to explore since it is built for chatting. It all started out two decedes ago, back in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen. More info on the history and structure of IRC can be found on Wikipedia. ...
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Another dashboard redesign

For a couple of weeks now the blogosphere has been clogged up with posts about the new WordPress version coming out in November. Seeing the survey about the new dashboard redesign and reading Lorelle’s blog post where she mentions the post about the final features for 2.7 i kinda started thinking… The orange-ish new interface on the admin dashboard has been introduced, not long back, in 2.5. That change gave a fresh new look to a place where a blogger spends much time. Moreover, the grouping of the functionalities slightly changed. Grouped differently they were, in my oppinion, in a better...
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Using custom fields to mark a post as “hot”

For a long time now a thing that troubles many webmasters puzzled me too. I have a few articles that bring in what you would call “instant visitors”, meaning visitors that get what they want and they are out of here. Those come either from search engines or bookmarking sites (digg, stumbleupon etc). I was surprised to see that when querying for “file not accessible bin”, which is a common problem when trying to mount a bin image in daemon tools, brings this blog first on the list. I can see through the stats that i get quite some traffic from a few posts like that but i hardly...
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The WordPress 2.7 survey

If you are using wordpress then you must have seen on the dashboard feeds that there is a wordpress 2.7 survey the developpers would appreciate us take. I really think you should take the survey since it’s actually there to help the developpers see what we want. They are asking about menu grouping and labeling on the newly designed dashboard. So, what are you still waiting for? It will only take about 5 minutes. Go...
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