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Competition: In need of a logo!

Ok the title says it all. As you all know, i recently moved my blog to this domain and changed my theme. Now, i am an awfull designer and my skills on photoshop are realy limited. I know i need a logo or a banner just to identify my blog. The site is what you see. A technology/personal blog. I publish code alot and many personal things too, like pics and things that happen in my life. So, if you think you can design a neat logo for my blog go on! If i have your attention then keep reading… ...
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Saint Paraskevi’s Feast

On July 26th is Saint Paraskevi’s feast. She is the protecting saint of Chalkis. Every year there is a celebrating letourgy organized on the church and alot of people, all over Greece, come to show their respect. It is considered a big blessing. Also Saint Paraskevi is the protector for any eye sickness. In the night of the 25th is when this all happens. Then, for the whole following week, a big festival is held on the town that is fairly big (i would estimate about 3 kilometers of small shops with anything that one can imagine, it’s like an eastern market place). So, here are some pics...
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Java crash course #6: Classpath, classloader and packages

We have come this far. It was an easy ride till now. I think it’s time to go a bit deeper. We need to clear out how java works exactly. So let’s start scratching the surface a little bit. First thing we need to see is what happens when we start our program. When we give the command “java Test” many things happen before our main method is called. First of all the virtual machine is loaded. Then a special module called “classloader” starts loading classes. It loads a few other classes before it loads our main one. Then, our main class is loaded and the main method is...
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How to access bindings from Java code in ADF

Maybe it’s me stupid, but I was looking for this for quite long and finally figured out how to. So I thought it could save someone’s time too....
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Women as C structs!

Before you go on i would like to tell you that this is funny only to those of you that you know some stuff about programming and C. So, i recently stumbled on a very funny blog post. I thought i’d repost it here as i found it hillarious!...
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