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Why email clients block sender images

This is a feature of email clients that all of you out there must have stumbled on. Emails sent with images embedded in them (not as attachments but in the body of the message) often appear as blocked from your email client (outlook, thunderbird, yahoo mail, hotmail, gmail etc). This happens for several reasons. The root of the cause is because when an image is embedded in a message, your email client is required to open an external source and retrieve some data. In an ideal world these data would be just an harmless image. Nowadays though this is not the case. One thing that an image source in an...
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The (X)HTML strict way to open a new window

There has been a fuss on websites that don’t go through validation simply because they have a wrong way of opening a link on a new window. The old conventional way of opening a link on a new window was simply by adding an attribute like: <a href="" target="_blank">My new window link</a> This was both easy to remember and implement. Since the 4.0 strict specification though this is not considered valid any more. I was against that until I read the reason why this changed. Simply because the meta information an HTML document contains is...
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Using Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) to create a new site

To cut to the chase, the process of creating a new subsite using WSS is as follows: Connect to the main site using SPSite. Add the new site using the Add() method on AllWebs collection. Do all kinds of magic using the newly created site. Here is a small C# code example: SPSite rootSite = new SPSite("http://testsite"); SPWeb site = rootSite.AllWebs.Add("testsub"); In order to access this site you need to visit “http://testsite/testsub”. Hope this...
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Hook up C# with Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) tutorial

In this small tutorial i shall demonstrate how to hook up C# to use the Windows Sharepoint Services API (WSS). It’s fairly simple and straightforward. You need the following: A machine running Windows server 2003/08 with Sharepoint installed. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. About 15 minutes. For the purposes of this example, we will create a small console application that will list all the sites of a Sharepoint site. First of open Visual Studio and create a new Visual C# console application. Next step is adding the reference to the WSS API on our project. To do so, you can go on the explorer...
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How to use bindings in the backing beans in ADF 10g

This is a follow up to the original post about acquiring a bindings object in backing beans in ADF. Some have had the question, how to use the bindings for standard operations in the backing beans. Hence this post! The answer is – easy. As soon as you’ve got the bindings (oracle.binding.BindingContainer object) instance, you can do a lot of interesting stuff with it. Always keep in mind, that it represents the page definition, meaning that it “contains” whatever the pageDef does. Create a class like the following one: import...
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