January, 2010 | stratos.me

Twitter’s RT vs everything else

Well here is my little dime on the subject. As you all must have noticed, Twitter adopted the RT trend. This actually originally started as a need of the community to share tweets that they like without removing the attribute from the original poster, instead referring to him. All the programs that actually supported it, what they did was pretty simple. They copy the original tweet adding the “@” reference in the beginning and maybe an RT at the very start (or “Retweet” for a couple of programs). This had it’s drawback. First of all it’s duplication of content. So...
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The magic of Posterous and FunnyInbox.net

I know i am late in discovering this service but Posterous,simply put, rocks your socks! I love the way these guys implemented post by mail. I mean i know our beloved WordPress does it, for a long time now actually, but in my humble opinion not quite well. So i decided to move FunnyInbox.net on Posterous. And you know what? It’s free to have custom domains! Yup. Not like other phonies supposedly “open source” and “all for the community” bullshit. It’s completely free. Period. Now the only problem i have is that it’s kinda slow for now, maybe it will get better....
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Using Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) to create a new site

To cut to the chase, the process of creating a new subsite using WSS is as follows: Connect to the main site using SPSite. Add the new site using the Add() method on AllWebs collection. Do all kinds of magic using the newly created site. Here is a small C# code example: SPSite rootSite = new SPSite("http://testsite"); SPWeb site = rootSite.AllWebs.Add("testsub"); In order to access this site you need to visit “http://testsite/testsub”. Hope this...
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