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It’s been a while since i wrote an article for this series. All the “masochists” out there must be wondering. The truth is that firstly there was no interesting topic to write about and secondly it is pretty hard to write such an article since it needs a lot of research from my side. Anyway, yesterday i got a comment from Kim on the revisions removal here. What she is asking is a way to change all the articles from the “Uncategorized” category to another one through the database rather from the WordPress administration. It sounds pretty reasonable since she claims she...
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IRC for hardcores or… masochists!

Now here is another post on the “hardcore or masochist” series. It’s been a long time since the last similar post but it’s been a long time since i ever got to explore a protocol. This was a pretty easy one to explore since it is built for chatting. It all started out two decedes ago, back in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen. More info on the history and structure of IRC can be found on Wikipedia. ...
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HTTP Proxy for hardcores or… masochists!

It’s been a while since i last posted on the “hardcores or masochists” series. This is due to lack of time since an article like this one requires 4-5 hours of research and coding. But here i am again with a simple one. You must have heard about a “proxy server”. What it is, is what it actually means. It stands between you and the rest of the world for various protocols (http, ftp, ssl etc). In this small tutorial we will see how the HTTP proxy works and a small program example doing just that....
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Steganography and bitmap files for hardcores or… masochists!

Nowadays, security of our data has become a must that hunts us all. Many many ways are availiable on protecting our private data and hiding our files from others. The way everybody thinks about, when talking about security, is cryptography. But do you know that it is not the only way around?...
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Samba protocol sneak attempt

I was thinking for weeks that the next article on the hardcores or masochists series should be an article on the samba protocol. I know it is complicated but, i thought that, if i posted some info on the protocol, just some hints on how it works then i would be happy for the effort. So, the first thing i did is i started up my small server, that echoes everything, and hit “\\″…...
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