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The magic of Posterous and

I know i am late in discovering this service but Posterous,simply put, rocks your socks! I love the way these guys implemented post by mail. I mean i know our beloved WordPress does it, for a long time now actually, but in my humble opinion not quite well. So i decided to move on Posterous. And you know what? It’s free to have custom domains! Yup. Not like other phonies supposedly “open source” and “all for the community” bullshit. It’s completely free. Period. Now the only problem i have is that it’s kinda slow for now, maybe it will get better....
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The VPS neighborhood

The past couple of days i’ve been bugged with an idea. I saw a new hosting company come around called “EcVPS”. They offer VPS plans for very low, and extremely affordable prices. I know that there has always been a gap between shared hosting, which is as low as $3/month, to the next step for a blog / site, the VPS hosting starting at $10-15/month. I know that many people decide to go on with it, and in my opinion they make a very good decision. But there are always people that are not comfortable administering their own boxes. Then they have two options, stick with shared or pay extra...
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WordPress plugin competition submission: YANewsflash

As i said on the releasing article of my plugin YANewsflash, i have started the submission process of it to the WordPress plugin competition with this introductory article. As i also said before, i don’t think it stands a chance but still, it is a plugin released within the competition time limits so, i thought i’d go on with it. I just thought i’d give you the heads up so if it comes to a vote you know what to do...
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The theme change

I am always known to change my themes around here and i thought it was time for another one. The old one was a very impressive work from “Elegant Themes“, but this time around i feel i got bored of it and i needed a more simplistic one. Why i chose this theme? Well, first of all it’s very clean, no images (except the ones i add). Secondly, it’s white which makes reading a lot more easier. Thirdly, it has a very wide space for my posts, which for a coding blog such as this, is a very good thing, code is not wrapped and when you are trying to read it not too many things pop into...
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Make your #FollowFriday easy!

There is a huge meme going on the Twitter world these days called #FollowFriday (started by Micah with whom i am in no way affiliated). I am sure you all know what it’s all about. You just tweet suggestions about people you think your followers should be acquainted with and maybe interested in their tweets. This results in massive follows on Fridays, even for me, a small little birdie. I wasn’t into this meme until recently. I always thought that it wasn’t that worth it anyhow. But, a couple of Fridays ago, i decided to join in and tweet a follow Friday. I wanted to thank all those...
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