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Why email clients block sender images

This is a feature of email clients that all of you out there must have stumbled on. Emails sent with images embedded in them (not as attachments but in the body of the message) often appear as blocked from your email client (outlook, thunderbird, yahoo mail, hotmail, gmail etc). This happens for several reasons. The root of the cause is because when an image is embedded in a message, your email client is required to open an external source and retrieve some data. In an ideal world these data would be just an harmless image. Nowadays though this is not the case. One thing that an image source in an...
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The “European Knowledge” experiment

I have just started a very small poll that is part of a small experiment i am conducting. If you’re interested please check it out and vote here. Please do not lookup the answer online. It will only take a minute to complete. The results of the experiment will be revealed once i close the survey, in about a week or so. I would like to thank anyone that participates in...
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WordPress plugin competition submission: YANewsflash

As i said on the releasing article of my plugin YANewsflash, i have started the submission process of it to the WordPress plugin competition with this introductory article. As i also said before, i don’t think it stands a chance but still, it is a plugin released within the competition time limits so, i thought i’d go on with it. I just thought i’d give you the heads up so if it comes to a vote you know what to do...
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Creating a search page on WordPress

You all know i had a theme change about a week ago. This theme is great and i really love it. As it seems you guys love it too. Anyways, since day one i noticed there is no search field nowhere in the theme. That was a pretty strange fact i hadn’t seen in any theme i’ve seen and tried out before. I didn’t really care much in the beginning since i can search from the admin area and i really thought that you guys, my readers, wouldn’t really need the search function. I was mistaken. My friend and loyal reader Giwrgos (George) came back to me with a comment about the missing search...
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Easily create paragraph sidenotes

When i talk about WordPress you all know that i prefer doing something by hand rather install a plugin to do it – provided that the task at hand is easy to do. I have already shown you how to get rid of the various sociable plugins and do it yourself easily through some php and css tweaking. Here i am about to show you how to easily add paragraph sidenotes. I first saw the usage of sidenotes on WordPress on the blog of my dear friend Mike Nichols. I have no idea if he does it by hand or has a plugin do it for him. In general, sidenotes make a large text much more easier to read and grab the...
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