June, 2009 | stratos.me

Lines from “Whose Line”

I’ve always liked American shows, series (like “Three’s company”) and stuff, i guess culturally it fits me. I also love stand up comedy. Actually anything that has to do with it, stand up, imrpov etc. About a year ago i discovered a great show, “Whose line is it anyway”. It started as an English show, back in the eighties and then in ’98 it went to the states. I guess all my American readers should already know what i am talking about, all the othersshould have to take a quick look on Imdb. ...
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Member Of The Month: May

I know i am a bit late with this but i just noticed it’s June already! It’s been a nice month overall, the interviews i got from fellow bloggers were great and i had fun. Without further due, this month’s MOTM is Sire with 14 comments. The discussions were vivid with most of my readers, but as it seems, the Aussie got it this time… Thank you all for sticking...
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