February, 2008 | stratos.me

Gmail… rocks!

More than a year now, the whole planet is leaving a revolution on mail services. Gmail has come out hitting hard many big providers (like yahoo!). Anyways, we all now that those guys in google are creative and all they want is to do everything for fun too, besides work i mean. Elijah told me about this video and i think you should take a look…...
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String replace in VIM

This is the first post on the quickies category. Actually it is more like bookmarks to me but usefull quick tips for everybody (i know why not use some bookmarking site, well why not use my site :D). If you want to replace an occurence of a string in vim to another then use: :%s/foo/bar/g = find each occurance of 'foo' and replace it with 'bar' without asking for confirmation :%s/foo/bar/gc = find each occurance of 'foo' and replace it with 'bar' asking for confirmation first :%s/<foo>/bar/gc = find (match exact word only) and replace each occurance of 'foo' with 'bar' :%s/foo/bar/gci = find...
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HTTP for hardcores or… masochists!

Well have you ever thought when surfing the net what the hell happens when you type a website address and click visit or whatever? How does the browser talk to the remote computer and gets the page you want? I mean all you do is type in an address and then everything is taken care for. But don’t you realy want to know what happens form the time you hit enter till you get the page? If so then keep reading…...
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Duck season… SHOOT!

Guys this is one of my favorite epeisodes of bugs and duffy. They are fighting over whose season it is and, as always, the duck seems to have some problems. Enjoy… i sure...
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Back to e107

The attempt on migrating StratoSector from e107 to Joomla was a total disaster. The boggest problem i had is that the site was realy slow. I thought that the CMS in combination with the hoster was the reason that the site was so damn slow some times. What it turned out to be is that the hoster is the sole reason and installing Jommla only worsened the problem. I couldn’t get a nice response time whatever i would try to do. One more problem was that i would have to loose content (users, arcade game high scores etc). Those two troubles made me descide to go back to e107. Nothing like the good ole...
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