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A knight’s tale

On January 22nd 2008, a very shocking event took place. The very popular actor, Heath Ledger, was found dead on his New York apartment in SoHo. I read about it a couple of days later and was rather shocked. He was a very young man and there was a mystery around his death. A few weeks later, it was found that his death was caused due to accidental overdose of prescribed medication (my source is IMDB). He was an actor i really admired and never took the chance to take a look at his bio. After a whole year, i feel like writing this small post on his memory since i liked him alot. The info below are...
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I am “Lost”

Well not like the series… As many of my readers must have noticed lately i am somewhat gone from the scene of the blogoshere. I do not post, don’t comment, don’t tweet and all of this happened unexpectedly. Well i just wanted to let you all guys know that all is well except a small hiccup. My laptop died (again) due to a mulfunction on the motherboard. Therefore i lost bookmarks and stuff and i have to work from a much slower, older and desktop PC. That makes my online identity suffering right now. The repair will take a couple of weeks and, during this time, i won’t be around...
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FunnyInbox: How about a nice laugh?

Here i am with another project of mine! FunnyInbox is my latest work. It all started a few days back when i received a funny email from a friend with an attached video of about 4 megs. Immediately I remembered talking to a friend a few months back where we were saying that all these funny emails give us a nice laugh but fill up our inboxes and put some serious load on the mailserver. Why wouldn’t someone take the time to upload to an external host and then just provide us with the link? Well just because the “Forward” button seems so easy to push. That’s true. So, i decided to...
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7 of the most idiotic people of 2008

This email hit my inbox a few minutes ago from my beloved aunt Angie, and when i read it i decided to share this with you guys. I don’t know if this is published somewhere (if so please comment so i can give credits to the author) but i really think you guys are going to enjoy this. So, it’s like a “Golder globe” award to stupidity that took place last year. So here they are in reverse order. #7 The traffic genius In a semi-rural area (Weyauwega, Wisconsin) a new neighbor called the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on the...
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Quick URL parsing using Perl

Have you ever stumbled on a page that you would like to copy-paste all the links from and, darn, they were many? For instance when you get that directory listing and you want to download all the files? Well, i faced the problem these days. I wanted to copy more than 30 consequtive links from a directory listing and i thought that it’s plain stupid doing it by hand. Now, the first thing that popped into my mind was a FireFox plugin. I started looking here and there and every one of those had something i didn’t like. So, then it came to me. I would copy the page source and then use a little...
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