Well not like the series… As many of my readers must have noticed lately i am somewhat gone from the scene of the blogoshere. I do not post, don’t comment, don’t tweet and all of this happened unexpectedly. Well i just wanted to let you all guys know that all is well except a small hiccup. My laptop died (again) due to a mulfunction on the motherboard. Therefore i lost bookmarks and stuff and i have to work from a much slower, older and desktop PC. That makes my online identity suffering right now. The repair will take a couple of weeks and, during this time, i won’t be around much. I will probably post a couple of stuff but i won’t be able to be as active as i would like to. Also i would like to apologize from my fellow bloggers since i am not able to visit and comment. I’ll do my best to get on top of this but, still, i won’t be as efficient so, sorry guys.

But! Keep on coming. I won’t let it take over me. I’ll find my way and do my best. Hope to see you around!