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Member Of The Month: July

Since postponing declaring a “Member Of The Month” for last month, this one has been slightly better. I found myself posting a bit more regularly and this gave you guys the chance to come back here and comment. A lot of my regular visitors commented as always, but, and without further ado, Raju was the top commentator with 13 comments! I want to thank everybody for sticking around, and want to tell you to keep sticking around cause i have some aces up my sleeve 😉 As for the things that are going on my personal life, they are still flowing. There are some major changes to be made this...
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No MOTM this month

I know this might sound strange or unfair but here is my explanation. This month has been a really slow month for me. A lot have been going on my personal / offline life and i have been making decisions about it. Naturally, i didn’t have time nor inspiration or motivation to write here. There was only one post made which was actually prepared months ago. As a consequence i haven’t given my readers the opportunity to engage and comment a lot. Of course, there were a few comments, and i thank the authors for that. Since the month was so slow, the MOTM has to be postponed for now. I will keep...
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Member Of The Month: May

I know i am a bit late with this but i just noticed it’s June already! It’s been a nice month overall, the interviews i got from fellow bloggers were great and i had fun. Without further due, this month’s MOTM is Sire with 14 comments. The discussions were vivid with most of my readers, but as it seems, the Aussie got it this time… Thank you all for sticking...
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Member Of The Month: April

So, here we are again. I am on my fourteenth month of blogging, moving to fifteen actually. I am ready to announce the ninth “Member Of The Month” and boy, am i here to stay! I’ve had my ups and downs, my “i’m here all the time” and “hey where am i anyway” times. But, to tell you the truth, it’s a life changing experience. You just reach out to the world and meet people. People, that under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t have the chance of meeting. People like Kim, Mike, Raju, Madhur, Rockstar Sid, Sire, Pavan, Giannou, PC and those that i...
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Member Of The Month: March

One more month and here we are again! It was a quite busy month, better than February to be exact. I had a theme change and i wrote a few interesting posts too. I crossed the barrier of 200 posts and over a thousand comments. I wrote about some hosting variables one must take care of, and i had a nice experiment on web crawling and email picking. All in all it was a nice ride as well. As always, you, my loyal readers kept coming in and commenting on my posts. I had more comments this month, but the top commenter, the “Member Of The Month” is Raju with 27 comments! I would like to thank you...
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