kimSo, here we are again. I am on my fourteenth month of blogging, moving to fifteen actually. I am ready to announce the ninth “Member Of The Month” and boy, am i here to stay! I’ve had my ups and downs, my “i’m here all the time” and “hey where am i anyway” times. But, to tell you the truth, it’s a life changing experience. You just reach out to the world and meet people. People, that under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t have the chance of meeting. People like Kim, Mike, Raju, Madhur, Rockstar Sid, Sire, Pavan, Giannou, PC and those that i more recently had the opportunity to interact and get to know like Harsh, Nihar, Tracy, Kikolani, Abhishek, Devakishor (i am really afraid that i am forgetting someone, so if i am, please drop me a line). People that are all over the globe. Yet, this little blog, with love and passion for blogging, has managed to keep them coming back. Has managed to help me keep in touch with them and even when i am missing around, they notice and worry about my absence. How magical is that? I know that my traffic reports are not high and almost a hundred visitors a day is not encouraging (especially when most of them is what i would call “hit and runners”) but still, i love engaging with all the rest that take the time to visit this blog, read what i have to say and leave a comment. So thank you all!

Focusing on this month, i really enjoyed starting the Interview series with Kim and Madhur. I really appreciate their time and effort on answering my questions. I intend on keeping this up with more bloggers all around the blogosphere. All in all it’s been a busy month. On to the MOTM now. This month we had a draw for the first place between Kim and Raju. Since the latter was declared MOTM for February, i hereby announce Kim to be “Member Of The Month”. I want to really thank everybody for coming back and commenting here. It’s an awesome experience that all of you help me have.

For the next month, i would like to announce a big project i started and will be coming out hopefully in a week or two. I am really counting on everyone’s support and feedback. So, keep on coming, as you always do!