July, 2010 | stratos.me

The (X)HTML strict way to open a new window

There has been a fuss on websites that don’t go through validation simply because they have a wrong way of opening a link on a new window. The old conventional way of opening a link on a new window was simply by adding an attribute like: <a href="http://example.com" target="_blank">My new window link</a> This was both easy to remember and implement. Since the 4.0 strict specification though this is not considered valid any more. I was against that until I read the reason why this changed. Simply because the meta information an HTML document contains is...
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Automating WordPress

I recently thought about creating a small website where I would post all the apps that I try and like for the iPhone/ iPod. But then again, I knew, that if it was hard to post and maintain it then I’ll probably end up deleting the whole thing after a few months at best. Then I started thinking how could I simplify the process and make it so easy for me that it would actually be fun to post those apps there. After a lot of consideration and some coding, MyFavApps was created! The idea is simple. I downloaded the WordPress app. Then I created a small plugin where when I post, it scans for the app...
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