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Resize images with PHP and GD

If you are a web developer then you definitely have been faced with this little thingy. Let’s say you want to do dynamic resizing of images for a project of yours. All you need is an extension for PHP called GD. With that you are given many possibilities on image handling and manipulation, among others resizing. There, though,is a small problem you need to face. Let’s take it one step at a time. ...
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Lolcats widget plugin

As you all know a few days back i created my first WordPress plugin. I released it here and to the WordPress plugin directory. Since it was a fine ride i decided to do something more usefull that has not been yet done. I know alot of you guys like the lolcats out there and i wondered if there is any plugin that can add a widget to your WordPress. To my surprise there was not! This can either mean two things. Either nobody has coded it yet or there is no interest in it whatsoever and the need (if any) is covered by third party widgets. I tested a few of them and i knew that performance-wise i could do...
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WordPress plugin directory listing!

Just a quickie here. After a couple of days on hold, my plugin “Mini RSS reader” got approved and hosted on the WordPress plugin directory. Good news i guess since this is my first (of many to come i hope) listing! Wish me luck...
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A roundup of WordPress plugin coding

As you all know, recently, i started coding “seriously” WordPress plugins. My first one was the “Mini RSS reader” and as you also know i plan on keep going with the coding. Since then, I’ve been looking on stuff about coding plugins, especially on the codex pages. I must admit that the platform is excellent and programmer friendly. You can ridiculously easily write your first “Hello world” plugin and it’s easy enough to code a plugin that will parse the output of a post. Now, why am i writing this post? Definitely not to substitute any manual pages and...
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Mini RSS reader WordPress plugin

With the micro project opened by me, i wanted to replace the twitter on the top, as i said yesterday. What i did is create a small plugin for WordPress that that actually reads an RSS feed and displays it the way you see on the top left corner, where my micros’ reside. You just need to activate the plugin and then call the function from within your code or theme. Clean and easy. Below is the signature (and a small documentation) of the function. /* * $url The rss feed URL to read from * $date_format Which way to display the date according to the php’s date function *...
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