As you all know a few days back i created my first WordPress plugin. I released it here and to the WordPress plugin directory. Since it was a fine ride i decided to do something more usefull that has not been yet done. I know alot of you guys like the lolcats out there and i wondered if there is any plugin that can add a widget to your WordPress. To my surprise there was not! This can either mean two things. Either nobody has coded it yet or there is no interest in it whatsoever and the need (if any) is covered by third party widgets. I tested a few of them and i knew that performance-wise i could do better with a plugin “embeded” within you WordPress installation. So i coded this small plugin.

What it does is actually connect to ICanHasCheezburger and get the latest lolcat along with the link. It resizes it and saves it to your site for two hours. Then it does it all over again. It’s a fast and efficient way to deal with it rather than get it with each request (and overload the ichc servers as well).

So, if you are interested then visit the plugin’s page, download and install. I know there is a lack of settings page. This is because i don’t know if it’s worth my time spending on it since i have no idea if it will be helpfull to anyone or not. If it is, and you want to see further development then drop a comment here and i’ll get my butt down 😉

Any comment, bug, suggestion etc as always more than welcome!

The download page is here.