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Why email clients block sender images

This is a feature of email clients that all of you out there must have stumbled on. Emails sent with images embedded in them (not as attachments but in the body of the message) often appear as blocked from your email client (outlook, thunderbird, yahoo mail, hotmail, gmail etc). This happens for several reasons. The root of the cause is because when an image is embedded in a message, your email client is required to open an external source and retrieve some data. In an ideal world these data would be just an harmless image. Nowadays though this is not the case. One thing that an image source in an...
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The (X)HTML strict way to open a new window

There has been a fuss on websites that don’t go through validation simply because they have a wrong way of opening a link on a new window. The old conventional way of opening a link on a new window was simply by adding an attribute like: <a href="" target="_blank">My new window link</a> This was both easy to remember and implement. Since the 4.0 strict specification though this is not considered valid any more. I was against that until I read the reason why this changed. Simply because the meta information an HTML document contains is...
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Automating WordPress

I recently thought about creating a small website where I would post all the apps that I try and like for the iPhone/ iPod. But then again, I knew, that if it was hard to post and maintain it then I’ll probably end up deleting the whole thing after a few months at best. Then I started thinking how could I simplify the process and make it so easy for me that it would actually be fun to post those apps there. After a lot of consideration and some coding, MyFavApps was created! The idea is simple. I downloaded the WordPress app. Then I created a small plugin where when I post, it scans for the app...
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Twitter’s RT vs everything else

Well here is my little dime on the subject. As you all must have noticed, Twitter adopted the RT trend. This actually originally started as a need of the community to share tweets that they like without removing the attribute from the original poster, instead referring to him. All the programs that actually supported it, what they did was pretty simple. They copy the original tweet adding the “@” reference in the beginning and maybe an RT at the very start (or “Retweet” for a couple of programs). This had it’s drawback. First of all it’s duplication of content. So...
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The magic of Posterous and

I know i am late in discovering this service but Posterous,simply put, rocks your socks! I love the way these guys implemented post by mail. I mean i know our beloved WordPress does it, for a long time now actually, but in my humble opinion not quite well. So i decided to move on Posterous. And you know what? It’s free to have custom domains! Yup. Not like other phonies supposedly “open source” and “all for the community” bullshit. It’s completely free. Period. Now the only problem i have is that it’s kinda slow for now, maybe it will get better....
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