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exec: The valuable friend to shared hosting

All the bloggers start out small. You won’t start blogging by paying over $20 for hosting per month. So, you go for cheap shared hosting. That is a very nice solution but it has a small problem. You don’t get to have a console access to the machine that your blog is hosted (except for BlueHost and a few others). Although in most cases you won’t care about it, there are a few times where such an access is more than valuable and time saving. The most common problem with a blog powered by WordPress, is not being able to use the automatic update. When trying to access it, it asks for a...
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Mailbox full of spam? Your fault!

This must sound aggressive but it’s 100% true. We all complain nowadays about the amount of spam landing on our inbox. My mailserver’s traffic is more like 80% spam to 20% legit emails. This is a huge problem for any mail provider and, in the end, the end user. So, i decided to make a small experiment. I wrote a small Perl crawler (i might discuss this on a later post) and put it out to collect e-mails. This was a quest to find out how easily can a spammer collect addresses to send their stupid spam to. I decided to make it ridiculously easy. I wouldn’t look for emails...
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TweepMe: Good or bad?

The microblogging platform called Twitter, started a wild climb on the social media ladder the past year. Since the release of their API many services have jumped out on the internet world and have helped or swamped tweeple. Just recently this new service called TweepMe opened the gates. What they do is pretty simple to grasp. If you sign up they automatically add you as a follower to all other TweepMe users and you are automatically added to be followed by each of them back. Now, this has it’s good side but i think it’s a pitfall. On the good ones. First of all, you have guaranteed...
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BloggerBuddy Hacks: Change the look and feel

With this post i am starting a small series of posts about customizing and maintaining BloggerBuddy. As you know BloggerBuddy is built upon the Adobe framework, AIR. This actually allows a programmer to use web development techniques and languages (HTML, Javascript) on a desktop application. What makes it unique is that it flawlessly integrates on online services. So, essentially, BloggerBuddy is a web service, a “web site” if i may use the term. I’ve been asked before how you can change the width of the separator between the subscribed blogs and the feeds. It would be good if i added...
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Feed problems when editing .htaccess on WordPress

Coding BloggerBuddy a couple of months back let me find out about some stuff that are common as a practice but i had no idea of. One example is the complete redirect of a blog’s feed to FeedBurner. According to some marketing and SEO masters out there one shouldn’t provide multiple ways to subscribe to one’s blog as this somehow is not good for business. I am not sure why, except for the fact that through FeedBurher you can track many stats about your readers. This being said i have seen this around the blogosphere, many blogs completely redirect their “/feed” that...
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