bloggerbuddyWith this post i am starting a small series of posts about customizing and maintaining BloggerBuddy. As you know BloggerBuddy is built upon the Adobe framework, AIR. This actually allows a programmer to use web development techniques and languages (HTML, Javascript) on a desktop application. What makes it unique is that it flawlessly integrates on online services.

So, essentially, BloggerBuddy is a web service, a “web site” if i may use the term. I’ve been asked before how you can change the width of the separator between the subscribed blogs and the feeds. It would be good if i added some sort of options page/window but, well i haven’t. So, a quick and dirty way to do it is simply to edit the css file responsible for the layout. Yes! There is a CSS file that controls the layout like every web page! The file resides on the folder you chose to install BloggerBuddy and it is called style.css. In there locate:

div.feeds_list {
	border-right: 1px dashed black;
	width: 250px;
	height: 100%;
	overflow: auto;
	display: none;
	float: left;

As you can see it’s a typical css block. This particular segment is responsible for the layout of the feeds list. What you need to change is the property “width” to something bigger or smaller according to your preferences. You can fiddle further with the file but i would suggest keeping a backup of the original one in case something gets extremely wrong. After you are done save the file and restart BloggerBuddy. Your changes will be reflected!