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Interview with Madhur Kapoor

Since my early days of bloging i have had a few loyal readers. Among them is Madhur Kapoor. He has been visiting ever since. I have also been reading his blog which is centered around technology, software reviews mostly. I was impressed by his 3 year birthday on his blog a couple of months back. I was under the impression that he is a new blogger like me. Having been around blogging for more than three years, means that he started out way back, when blogs where not as popular as they are today. Might i remind you that back in ’06 the trend was websites building a community. So, for this insight...
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101 Sociable links for manual insertion in WordPress

A few months back i had a post about how to get rid of your sociable plugins and doing the same thing by editing your theme. In that post i have included a few popular sociable networks such as Digg and Stumbleuppon but today i have decided to include as much as possible, 101 to be exact. You can go through them and decide which ones you want to use. The links are included as they should be in your theme. Take a look at the older post on how to do it and get the links from here. I used the Sociable plugin source code to extract the links. You can also find images for the links herein here (also from...
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Another plugin: PR Checker

It’s been a while since i released a plugin but here i am again! A couple of months back Yan approached me with a plugin he wanted. We worked it out and this is the result. What this essentially does is it allows you to build a link list and maintain it with statistics for your visitors to see. You have seen this around the marketing blogs especially, where the blogger has a list of websites he thinks it’s best for bloggers to comment and get a reputation at. You can see the plugin in action at Yan’s place. You can see more on the plugin’s page. Now i know that this kind of...
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Interview with Kim Woodbridge

Recently i decided i wanted to meet a few of the online people i know a little better. I mean all those blogging friends, my readers and some WordPress tycoons i’ve been around recently. So, with this post a new series will be starting here with interviews about interesting people on my online life. Don’t be surprised if i contact you soon… I decided to start the interviews with a dear online friend of mine, Kim. Our story is quite funny. It all started when she made a post over to her blog making fun of my lolcats plugin. I am not the type of person to be easily offended so i just...
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Make your #FollowFriday easy!

There is a huge meme going on the Twitter world these days called #FollowFriday (started by Micah with whom i am in no way affiliated). I am sure you all know what it’s all about. You just tweet suggestions about people you think your followers should be acquainted with and maybe interested in their tweets. This results in massive follows on Fridays, even for me, a small little birdie. I wasn’t into this meme until recently. I always thought that it wasn’t that worth it anyhow. But, a couple of Fridays ago, i decided to join in and tweet a follow Friday. I wanted to thank all those...
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