microphonesRecently i decided i wanted to meet a few of the online people i know a little better. I mean all those blogging friends, my readers and some WordPress tycoons i’ve been around recently. So, with this post a new series will be starting here with interviews about interesting people on my online life. Don’t be surprised if i contact you soon…

I decided to start the interviews with a dear online friend of mine, Kim. Our story is quite funny. It all started when she made a post over to her blog making fun of my lolcats plugin. I am not the type of person to be easily offended so i just found it to be constructive critisism. From there it has all been a nice friendship. Through her blog i met very nice people and we have worked together quite a few times. So, here is the interview.

1. Give us a short briefing of your self.

Lol – I’m not sure what to say here.  I live in Philadelphia, I’m 40 years old and I have a 6 year old daughter.  I’ve studied Anthropology and have a Masters in Library Science.  I have not, however, ever worked as an Anthropologist or a Librarian 😉  I’m a vegetarian, I care about the environment, I’m mostly liberal, I love to laugh, and I enjoy video games.  I’m addicted to electricity and I don’t like wearing socks.
2. When and what was your first website?

My first website still exists but I’m not going to give you the URL (although you’re smart enough to find it).  My first project after my day job ends is converting it to WordPress and moving it to a new domain.  But I haven’t answered the question.  I started it in 1996 and it’s about Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.  It’s been neglected for years.

3. When did you start programming?

I’m not really a programmer – I don’t think of myself as one.  I’m more of a designer/consultant/muddler.

4. What programming languages do you know?

I don’t really know any.  I know some PHP and Javascript.  And I know HTML and CSS but those aren’t really programming languages.

5. When did you start freelancing and what was the first job you did?

I started freelancing in August/September 2008.  My first job was upgrading and customizing Siel’s site at http://greenlagirl.com  She actually convinced me to start freelancing and has been extrememly supportive.

6. Why did you start your blog?

I was distraught over my marriage ending and needed a distraction.  I didn’t intend to do much with other than share things that I learned about WordPress and social media.  Initially I was very interested in lifestreaming and thought that would be the focus of the blog but I got distracted by my interest in WordPress.

7. What would be your advice(s) to new bloggers and freelancers?

I’m not much for giving advice.  I would say be kind and be helpful.

8. How do you see your self in a year? Still blogging?

I will probably still be blogging.  I’m hoping that my freelancing will have been a success, that I have paid off more of my debt and that my daughter is learning to play the piano.

I definitely had fun reading through and i learned a couple of things about her too. So, how do you like the idea? Would you like to be interviewed?