Today i read this article about my lolcats widget plugin. Before i say what i have to say, i would first want to note that i really appreciate any comment on my work, good or bad. I think that bad comments, when expressed in a nice and constructive way, are better than good. Also, what we call “feedback” is actually “bad” comments expressed in a nice way. So, thanks for mentioning. Now to the point of his question. What was i thinking?

First of all, you all must know i am a very new WordPress plugin coder (i am a fairly old php coder but new to WP). It’s obvious that when you start anything you start small. This is what i did. I found something that hasn’t been done yet and it’s very easy to do. I also thought, and i was right, that some people might find it nice and usefull. So i did it. A few lines of code and i was a step closer on understanding how WordPress works and how things come around. Moreover, I don’t see any harm on having a small section on your blog where your reader, scrolling down to read, would have a laugh. I don’t use it since my sidebar is pretty crowded and i am trying to keep it as small as i can. I would though if i had the space. As for the lolcats project and site, i also find it cute and some times very funny. There are some pets’ (cats mostly) moments that can bring a smile on your face. What’s so bad about it either? I am not a person that uses it on forums. I just visit it when i feel like having some fun. All in all i see his point but i don’t think it’s valid. Again, thanks for the comment.

In other news, I know i’ve been away lately but please bare with me since my hardware problems still haunt me.