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Happy birthday StratoSector!

This is how it all started: Welcome to the new and improved Yes we are RELOADED! Tons of stuff will be posted here in the next few days. Firstly JAP , Java Amature Programs, will be launched in downloads section. Then lot’s of other will come. Stay tuned and you won’t regret it 😉 Posted on Friday 31 March 2006 – 15:37:42 I can’t beleive it’s been two, full years, since i thought “what the heck, 10 dollars for a domain and a hosting”. Since then, i have 5 domains (and counting), 4 sites, a CMS built by me (yes jasmine) and today a blog. On...
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Updated to 2.5!

I was expecting this for a couple of weeks now since i saw a post encouraging the community to take a peak on the new version coming out for wordpress. Now, wordpress, the blogging engine, has reached version 2.5 and powers many many bloggers all over the world, among them, us. So i just updated MyBlog to the latest version and it was a realy smooth transition. They realy kept the “5 minute install”. Congrats to the people at...
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Exporting to EXCEL

I’ve seen it happening to many sites and I always thought of this as impossible. I beleived that since the api is closed you cannot export into this format. It turns out that i was wrong. Well, as it turned out, not entirely… I mean the api is still closed but an XML can be parsed....
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Converting encodings for Clickatell’s UTF support.

I know this is a port mania today but i finally solved a problem that has been bugging me for a few days now. I wanted to send an sms via Clicaktell’s gateway that i wanted it to be utf. This gateway supports this kind of messages but with a trick....
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Here is a quick one that could be very handy and usefull to many of you. Have you ever developed a site and wondered if it looks nice and the way you want it to on other browsers? Have you ever developed a site that you see it fine until someone comes along and tells you that your site renders weirdly on their browser? If this is the case, if this sounds familiar then this website is what you need. Browsershots is a website where you submit a link, choose which browsers you want among four operating systems and you will get screenshots of each browser! So easy so simple. Check it out. It’s very...
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