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The VPS neighborhood

The past couple of days i’ve been bugged with an idea. I saw a new hosting company come around called “EcVPS”. They offer VPS plans for very low, and extremely affordable prices. I know that there has always been a gap between shared hosting, which is as low as $3/month, to the next step for a blog / site, the VPS hosting starting at $10-15/month. I know that many people decide to go on with it, and in my opinion they make a very good decision. But there are always people that are not comfortable administering their own boxes. Then they have two options, stick with shared or pay extra...
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What’s an API for a web service?

You all must have heard of the term “API” but all of the non techy out there should have drowned in trying to understand what it is. First of all, a general definition of the term can be found on Wikipedia. But here i will concentrate on web services, as the mass of people out there know it. So what do Twitter, Technocrati, Google and the same mean when they say they have an “API” at the developers’ disposal? What is this magical term that enables many developers to deliver the product to the end user in a more pleasant way? In order to grasp the idea more clearly i will...
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Efficient or non-efficient?

All of you out there that know me, know that i am an efficiency freak. Most of the times, when someone flashes a plugin to me, i stop and say “is that really necessary?” instead of “this looks cool!”. I know, it’s mostly annoying but you got to admit, i have a point. But, first things first. I will concentrate on WordPress, since, most of my readers are bloggers using the platform and many don’t really get why i nag all the time about performance and plugins. To give you a good taste of the complexity here is a small diagram. This actually is a rough representation...
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Search feature on static HTML sites – The smart way

You all must have stumbled on static HTML sites. Either you created them or you found them around. The purpose of those sites today is simplicity. Not everybody needs dynamic content and thus not everybody needs complex CMS’s with huge back end administration panel. So, what is more easy than putting together a few simple HTML pages. But what if you want to incorporate a search feature into that? Well, when a developer first thinks of search, the second thing that hits his mind is “database“. If you fall for that, then there goes simplicity and fast loading. You are already on a war...
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The acrobatic balance of price and quality on freelancers

Most of you know that for quite some time now I’ve raised the “for hire” flag. As a freelancer I haven’t had much luck, except for a few jobs I’ve taken and for which i have to tell Kim a great thanks. She always puts a good word out for me and i am very, very grateful for this. I don’t want to sound wrong, I think that the problem is I haven’t pursued it as much, in terms of hooking my self up with social networks and the blogosphere in general. I am not complaining. I think though, that there is one more aspect on my failure. A few years back, a very big...
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