PR Checker


Using PR Checker you can easily build link lists with vital info updated automaticaly. All you have to do is add a link, make it a follow/nofollow and share it with the world! The stats that the plugin automaticaly retreives are:

  1. Google PR
  2. Technorati
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. FeedBurner count

Upon adding a link you can hit an “update” button and the magic will happen! Take a look at the screenshow below to get a good idea on how this plugin works.


Then, when you are done creating your list you can share it with the world. To do so you can create a page or a post and add the shortcode “[#prchecker#]“. This will be replaced with a table of your links with the info, as depicted below:

prchecker_publicAs easy as this!


First grab a copy of the plugin here: [download#11#size] Then install regularly as any plugin. Upload the directory to your wp-content/plugins folder and activate from the administration. Finally, visit the admin area under Settings > PR Checker to add links and setup your plugin.


You can add links from the administration area. Then to show the list all you have to do is create a post or a page and add the shortcode “[#prchecker#]“. This will be replaced with the table as shown above.


The only tweak you would need to do is the coloring. In order to tweak these you need to manually edit the plugin file pr_checker.php. You can do that by either opening it with your favorite text editor or using the plugin editor from the WordPress administration area. Once opened, look for line 29 through 46. In there you will find the styling of the lines. The header’s is the “div.prchecker_data th” class and the lines are “div.prchecker_data” and “div.prchecker_data tr.two” respectively for the odd and even lines. Tweak as you see fit.


If this plugin helps you out and saves you some trouble, i would really appreciate it if you consider donating to me. Any amount is welcome.