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YANewsflash (Yet Another Newsflash) plugin helps you create newsflashes in the easiest way possible! Just enter the text (HTML also allowed), the duration you want it displayed, if you want it to show up on your homepage and how many times a visitor must see it (0 for infinite) and you are set! It will be displayed in a box that you can also style easily through the admin!


This is the first thing you will see in the admin area. Notice the newsflash area red? That’s because it is not activated.


Once you fill it in and hit save, it will turn yellow!


Finally, with the default installation here is what the visitor will see.



There is no requirement what so ever. Just have a WordPress installation!


You need to download the plugin. You can do that either with the plugin manager through your WordPress admin (search for YANewsflash). Alternatively, you can download it from here YANewsflash (2346). Once downloaded install like any other plugin. Upload the folder “yanewsflash” in your WordPress plugin directory (most probably wp-content/plugins/) and then activate through the admin. Then visit the admin panel of the plugin under the Settings and you are on your way!


Once you visit the admin panel under Settings -> YANewsflash things are pretty obvious. The required fields you need to set are the newsflash body (which can contain plain text or HTML elements as well) and the date through which the newsflash will be active. Currently, both these fields are required so if you want an indefinite newsflash item just set a very very distant date (this might change on a future version). You can also choose if you want the item to appear only in your homepage or on all the pages and articles. You can also setup an amount of times you want the visitor to be exposed to this newsflash. For instance, you can set the times to appear to 5 so each visitor will be shown the newsflash for 5 times. Setting it to 0 will actually make it undependable of this.

One more thing you can tweak, if you wish, is the style of the box. If you want to integrate this with your theme in a better way, you can change colors, and just about anything. What you write in that box will be rendered as a CSS style to the div object. Use your imagination.

One little piece of advice. If you intend to not use this for quite some time, i.e. not have any newsflash for a long period of time, i would recommend deactivating the plugin. It’s not heavy but still it’s something.

Also note that this plugin uses the options table provided by WordPress, which means that no extra query is used to render the newsflash since most of that table’s values are preloaded at once, on core loading, including these variables.

Bugs / Suggestions

Please report any problems you may encounter or any suggestions you might have here or mail me using the email at the about me page.

37 Responses to “ “YANewsflash”

  1. baron says:

    Works great, thank you

  2. Mik says:

    thanks, but html is not working – the Plugin breaks my link with slashes like in this example: http://www.islacanaria.net/\http://islacanaria.net\

  3. stratosg says:

    @Mik: I see your problem. HTML tags are working but there is some kind of problem with the links. I will have a look at it and release an update. Thanks for mentioning!

  4. Mik says:

    thanks a lot … i wait for it

  5. Pat says:

    have activated plugin but it does not seem to work with Thesis theme… any suggestions?

  6. stratosg says:

    @Mik: I just released an update that addresses the issue. Please check it out and let me know if you have more problems.

    @Pat: I have not tested it with Thesis although i suppose it should work. Are you sure it’s Thesis’s fault? Why don’t you check out a theme preview of the default and see if it appears there…

  7. Mik says:

    thanks, now it works fine – see at right site of Frontapage: http://islacanaria.net

  8. Raju says:

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but after entering the text and saving it, nothing’s happening. The textbox still stays red

  9. stratosg says:

    @Mik: I’m glad everything works out great for you!

    @Raju: Have you changed the time??

  10. Mik says:

    @Raju – you have set the time – try to set time to: 07/10/2009 23:59 and it will work until today 23:59

  11. Raju says:

    ok got it, but some new problem now.
    i am getting the flash at 3 places

  12. stratosg says:

    @Raju: Ok i got your problem. I released a minor patch for this (v1.0.2). If you have further problems let me know…

  13. That Girl says:

    it works great thanks!!!

  14. tj says:

    I installed but when i go to put up a newsflash it tells me that i don’t have the permission to do so and I’m the admin! 🙁

  15. stratosg says:

    @tj: This is very weird. I have not implemented any user security what so ever, which means that this is WordPress stopping you. Can you post a screenshot so i can get an idea? Also, is YANewsflash the only place that happens? For instance, if you try and alter the General site settings does it let you do it?

  16. Raju says:

    yes!! working!! Thanks 🙂
    Now, you can think about taking it to the next level. Add an option to choose an alert gif. May be an image for background is useful as well.

  17. Sorry, folks, but I couldn’t get this to work. I place text within the body area, and it remains red, and nothing appears on the home page or an other page.

    I’m using WP 2.8.1 and the 1.0.2 version of your plugin.



  18. stratosg says:

    @Raju: Well you can easily do that using the CSS box. That’s why i didn’t bother. Also, on the body you can use HTML so you can also add an image tag to include the said gif. I don’t think it needs to get more complicated thus more heavy. Did i confuse you?

    @Gene: As said above, did you change the date as well to reflect one in the future? The date is till when the newsflash will be displayed. If it’s in the past then it will be red and it won’t show up as well… Check it out and let me know if you still have problems!

  19. […] details, documentation, screenshots and support are provided at the plugin’s homepage. It is also available on the WordPress plugin directory (for an easy auto […]

  20. Mark says:

    YANewsflash may have created errors in atom feed. I use the atom feed as my google sitemap, and received errors after activating the plugin. Once deactivated, there’s no feed error produced. Might be something worth looking into.


  21. Yes, thanks.

    One more thing. Tried to insert the standard command for a horizontal rule in your announcement box, but it overflows the box on the right side, and none of the width commands functions.

    For now I had to eliminate the rules. Maybe it looks better, but still.


  22. stratosg says:

    @Mark: Thanks for reporting this. I have updated the plugin to version 1.0.3 to include a patch for this. Please update and let me know if there are any more problems.

    @Gene: The problem lies with the definition of a hr. It is, by default, defined to cover the whole space. Maybe if you style it and try it out again? Btw though it looks fine to me 😉

  23. I added the width=”90%” command and it didn’t change anything.


  24. Mark says:

    The patch is working fine. The atom feed now validates and has been accepted by google sitemaps. Great idea for a plugin btw.


  25. stratosg says:

    @Gene: Change that to an explicit size, for instance “width=100px” and see if that works.

    @Mark: I am really glad it helped. Let me know if you have any more problems!

  26. No change. Anyway, maybe I should live without it for now.

    Meantime, I have to decide whether I want the yellow background or another color, such as light gray.



  27. stratosg says:

    @Gene: Hm that’s strange. Anyway, for the color i have no idea. I guess it’s what fits your stylistic needs 😉

  28. I scaled it back a little, so the text pops out better.


  29. Raju says:

    why don’t we get an intimation of the new updates? I have installed the plugin via wordpress.org plugin repository itself.

  30. stratosg says:

    @Raju: I am still thinking about it. I don’t know if there are going to be new features before the competition (by the end of July that is). On the other hand there might be, who knows 😉 I am thinking more of having more than one newsflash and rotating using jQuery effects. Also maybe remove the need for a date. As it turns out you guys don’t seem to need it 😉 One more thing i’ve been thinking is add a special selection on pages or maybe posts on where the newsflashes should appear. I guess we will see what is going to be on 1.1 🙂

  31. nora says:

    Hello, I just installed this plugin but it’s not working for me. The box turns yellow when I save it but nothing displays on my homepage. I also tried a different template but still nothing. Any ideas? Thank you!

  32. stratosg says:

    @nora: If you can take a screenshot of the problem and let me take a look that would be great!

  33. Chris says:

    Cheers for the plugin. Just what I needed to put up a warning message about a cancelled meeting (due to the heavy snow).
    I needed to get the message out there and this plugin does exactly what it says on the tin.

    As a side note for a few of those that had problems, if they also use any form of WP-Cache, that might interfere with it. I had to disable WP Super Cache to have it work properly (i.e. so it appears first time because no page has actually been published, and also because when the time expires, the cached version will still contain the “NewsFlash”).

    I did have an issue with displaying only on the Home Page. Because I use WP to set my root (http://www.singbramley.co.uk/) as my Home page, it doesn’t display the NewsFlash. As well as checking for the current page == “home” you might have to check that the root is set to “home” as well.

    But it did everything I needed it to do and it did it well.

    Much obliged to you 🙂


    • stratosg says:

      I am happy it is working good for you Chris. To be honest i haven’t used it much so all the minor difficulties that others report are due to that. Nice to hear it helped you!

  34. Larry says:

    I like this “Newsflash” plugin the best of all I have tried for it’s simplicity but I too wish I could set it to only display on Home even when setting a static Home page in Setting>Reading.

  35. Dickovski says:

    Good easy to use plugin. Only problem is it doesn’t appear on the home page only if you have your home page set to be a static page rather than your latest posts. If you set it to appear on all pages then it works fine.

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