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Christmas giveaway winner

Christmas is here and, as promised, i will giveway the game “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville“. I used’s list shuffler to create a winner from a very short list. The participants as entered were: Raju Sire Madhur Andrea The list was shuffled and the result was: Raju Madhur Andrea Sire Obviously, congratulations to Raju! I wish there were more names there but i am not that popular as it seems 🙂 Also, i wish i could giveaway a game to each of my readers but that can’t happen either. Anyway, i contacted the winner for his present. This post is here just to tell him...
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Merry XMas!

I think that the best way to give you my best wishes is to quote John Lennon and the song “Happy X-Mas”. And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun the near and the dear ones the old and the young a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you spend some quality time with the ones you...
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BloggerBuddy: My approach to RSS readers

I’ve been upsent for quite some time now. This is because i was onto something. I was learning the framework of Adobe AIR. It’s a quite nice tool for rapid desktop development with Web standards. You actually use Javascript and HTML to code desktop applications. In order to find my way around this new technology i needed a project. Some people find it convenient to learn by buying a book. What i do is i throw my self into some serious coding. That is my way of learning. So, i decided to go on with a project. It is called “BloggerBuddy” and it is an approach of mine on an RSS...
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“MCF: Huntsville” Christmas Giveaway

The days to come constitute a period on the year that i love the most. Christmas trees, happy, jolly faces, elevated spirits, carols and singing all over the place are among the things that i like. Of course, what is Christmas without shopping and gifts? Well, it would still be Christmas but in a different way. It’s all part of the happy spirit. Even the smallest thing can bring a smile to your friend’s or relative’s face and that is all that counts. I was thinking what i could give away to my readers as a present. It’s my first year of blogging so i would like to make some kind...
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Small hiccup on the “Featured” post

A few days back i posted on how to create a small place on top of your posts in your theme to keep a featured post there (just like the one running here, as you can see on top of the posts). Validating my blog today against different browsers i stumbled on a serious mistake i did. On that tutorial there is a line of code saying: <?=substr($featured->post_content, 0, 500);?> […] That has a serious bug that’s lurking around not ready to be found at all. This line shortens the post to the first 500 characters so it will appear like an excerpt. But here is the...
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