“MCF: Huntsville” Christmas Giveaway

The days to come constitute a period on the year that i love the most. Christmas trees, happy, jolly faces, elevated spirits, carols and singing all over the place are among the things that i like. Of course, what is Christmas without shopping and gifts? Well, it would still be Christmas but in a different way. It’s all part of the happy spirit. Even the smallest thing can bring a smile to your friend’s or relative’s face and that is all that counts. I was thinking what i could give away to my readers as a present. It’s my first year of blogging so i would like to make some kind of tradition. The other day, Big Fish Games came with an answer. They gave away coupons, to their game club members, for a free game to give away to one’s friends. The game is called “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville” and it’s a hidden object game fun to play with. It’s not their latest but it’s still free. Since i am not in a financial position to buy a fancy thing for you guys i thought that giving this is most appropriate (since you are my friends anyway).

I guess here would be a point where i would start listing the things that you have to do to get this game. Well, there is no special requirement. You don’t need to subscribe to my feed. My numbers are very low (below 10) and frankly i don’t care that much as long as i have people coming in and commenting so i won’t feel alone. You don’t need to blog about it. I wouldn’t mind if you did but you are not required to. You don’t need to tweet. Well, not to list all the ways you don’t need to do anything. So how is it going to be done? Well, i would like to give away a present to all of you guys commenting, but since i can’t, here is how we will do it. Just leave a comment saying you want the game. I will collect all your guys names and on Christmas day, 12PM GMT (find your time here), i will use random.org’s list shuffler to produce a winner. I will write down all the names of the contestants in the order they made their comments and i will shuffle the list. The name that will come up first on the shuffled list will be the winner. Simple as that. This is not a marketing thing. If it was i would have used all the ways described above. I am not above that.

I wish you all a very mery Christmas season with all the people you love by your side. May our Lord bring peace in your heart and harmony in your life. Thanks for reading and sticking with me!

14 Responses to “ ““MCF: Huntsville” Christmas Giveaway”

  1. Raju says:

    Me! Me! Me!!! Such a sweet and cute gesture Stratos 🙂
    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Hi Stratos,

    I just wanted to say that this is a great idea!! But you don’t have to put me in the contest because I’ve already played the game. I love Big Fish Games. 🙂

  3. Raju says:

    Freebies never cease to excite me 😆

  4. stratosg says:

    I was afraid that no one would claim it 😛

  5. Sire says:

    What a brilliant gesture, and just offering the game and asking nothing in return is the true Christmas spirit. You are a good man and I commend your gesture. Merry Christmas Stratos.

  6. stratosg says:

    @Sire Thanks! I just feel like i want to have a small present under every reader’s tree. Since i can’t, i’ll stick to this. You are second in the list 🙂

  7. Sire says:

    Hey! I didn’t ask to be put on the list…. 😛 but since you did, what can I say but thanks. 😉

    • stratosg says:

      @Sire Well as i said all my friends will be included. Kim didn’t want to since she played the game. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Nice idea Stratos. Happy Holidays. I want the game

  9. Count me in, I hope I win! I love games… thanks for not making it all about marketing something or other.

    Happy holidays!

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