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Automating WordPress

I recently thought about creating a small website where I would post all the apps that I try and like for the iPhone/ iPod. But then again, I knew, that if it was hard to post and maintain it then I’ll probably end up deleting the whole thing after a few months at best. Then I started thinking how could I simplify the process and make it so easy for me that it would actually be fun to post those apps there. After a lot of consideration and some coding, MyFavApps was created! The idea is simple. I downloaded the WordPress app. Then I created a small plugin where when I post, it scans for the app...
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Intrusion detection with Perl

There has been a lot of hype lately concerning WordPress security and vulnerabilities that are out in the open. This is an open source project so the big advantage is that (and i will quote): Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs.  Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked.  With their help, the remaining issues are fixed in 2.8.3 This is the heart of any open source project. Since the code is out there in the open, many can take a look and, therefore, discover any potential issues. Now, i know that many users think that, whenever a new...
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Search feature on static HTML sites – The smart way

You all must have stumbled on static HTML sites. Either you created them or you found them around. The purpose of those sites today is simplicity. Not everybody needs dynamic content and thus not everybody needs complex CMS’s with huge back end administration panel. So, what is more easy than putting together a few simple HTML pages. But what if you want to incorporate a search feature into that? Well, when a developer first thinks of search, the second thing that hits his mind is “database“. If you fall for that, then there goes simplicity and fast loading. You are already on a war...
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Another plugin of mine: YANewsflash

The past couple of days i had a hype for newsflashes. First i wrote this article on how to do a newsflash without any plugin and now i am releasing one! I know, paranoia, but still i figured that it would help people out. For this plugin, i used the options table provided by WordPress. This has a bonus: most of the variables in that table are preloaded when WordPress initializes. So, retrieving data from that table does not cost any extra query. It’s just a few more CPU cycles. I think that people that don’t want to mess around with their theme and get on all this trouble, can spare...
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Writing a simple web crawler in Perl

A few weeks back i posted on why our mailboxes are full of spam. I mentioned there that i had created a small and very simple perl script to crawl the internet and fish for plain text emails. It was a pretty easy task since Perl is designed for being easy on text manipulation. The procedure i used was as follows: I had a MySQL database for storing links to visit and emails. I connected to the database. Selected a link to visit. Make sure it’s not an image / pdf / google page / amazon page. If so i jumped back on step 3. Download the page. Pattern match for emails. Get the links within the...
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