I recently thought about creating a small website where I would post all the apps that I try and like for the iPhone/ iPod. But then again, I knew, that if it was hard to post and maintain it then I’ll probably end up deleting the whole thing after a few months at best. Then I started thinking how could I simplify the process and make it so easy for me that it would actually be fun to post those apps there. After a lot of consideration and some coding, MyFavApps was created!

The idea is simple. I downloaded the WordPress app. Then I created a small plugin where when I post, it scans for the app name I want to review and my ratings and does the rest. It downloads pics, description, price and the other data from the official app store using the API, parses my rating and updates the post with all these data. So, whenever I want to post an app it takes more or less 5 minutes to do so.

My point is that sky is the limit and WordPress is the means to get there… Get creative and surprise the world!