August, 2008 |

StratoSector redesign

I think it was about time to do that. I don’t know if everybody knew but i started my web venturing with stratosector (i think you must have figured it out from my old blog link). So there i had a portal going since day one back in April 2006. As i say on my new site: So, it’s been fun 2-year long ride. Actually two years and a bit more. The portal has been up all this time and i must admit i had a blast. Tournaments, hall of fame, friends and family, e107 plugin support and many many more has gone down all these years. Really people i mean it, it was entertaining and educative also. But,...
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nVidia and the most promissing CUDA

I’ve been reading here and there lately and yesteray i bumped into this amazing article by my friend and kong technology. He writes many interesting stories and tutorials and i must admin i am a fan of is blog. The title of his latest blog post was eyecatching: “CUDA: Breaking the Intel & AMD dominance“. Now what is CUDA and how is it possible to break the mentioned dominance? Well for starters let me say this. When you are playing a super cool game that has very good graphics nowadays, you must know you are putting alot of stress on your graphics card… Now with this on...
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Position absolute and the Z index: Creating some cool effects

I remember my self when i first stumbled uppon a site that on the login link it would blur the site and “popup” the login form. That was neat i must admit. Yesterday i was talking with my friend #FN$# and he was asking how he can show an image over a link when hovered. This second one is somewhat a part of the first one. When you place a component on the page you are creating, most of the time, you define either a margin or a padding for it. You might also define a width and a height. ...
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A small logo redo

It seems that my friend #FN$# did not just do the work and get it over with. He came back to me with a new set of logos. With a small discussion we had he imroved it and here it is! The best thing with this one is that it has the moto on it and also the letters look slightly better on the background. I just wanted to blow the whistle and let you all guys know what happened on the top of the blog 😉 Take the opportunity to congratulate him since it’s a thing he does just for fun and he is doing a nice job. Hope you all like...
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Azada: A very nice puzzle game ($0.99 sale!)

Now this is a nice game. I’ve been a fun of big fish games since they started or so. I enjoyed “Virual Villagers”, “Build-a-lot” and many more. This is a one i found yesterday on a $0.99 (+ Tax) sale. It is on till tomorow, August the 15th. It is a puzzle game with many types of puzzles like point and click (not the annoying kind of ones), blocks. find the same etc. Very nice graphics and a pleasant and relaxing gameplay. Colours are bright and shiny and the interface is appealing to the eye. Moreover the navigation and gameplay is not hard since the clicks are not close...
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