I think it was about time to do that. I don’t know if everybody knew but i started my web venturing with stratosector (i think you must have figured it out from my old blog link). So there i had a portal going since day one back in April 2006. As i say on my new site:

So, itÒ€ℒs been fun 2-year long ride. Actually two years and a bit more. The portal has been up all this time and i must admit i had a blast. Tournaments, hall of fame, friends and family, e107 plugin support and many many more has gone down all these years.

Really people i mean it, it was entertaining and educative also. But, since i started this blog back in February, (actually a bit earlier i must admit) the site was on a deadlock. I couldn’t maintain both sites and to be honest there was no reason. All i do now is mostly blog and a bit code. I am not into arcade gaming any more and the stuff that the portal offered. Moreover, e107, the platform that the portal was based on, has become somewhat obsolete. You must remember my attempt to migrate it to joomla (and it was a complete failure what so ever).

So, since it was starting to be something that it sits there, i started thinking what i want to do with it. And this is what i came up with. From now on, stratoSector, is going to be my “portfolio” site, the one i’ll index all the things i am up to at any given time. All my projects, sites and interests. I put some work on the design and i hope all you guys like it. Feel free to browse and let me know what you think about it. Go on! Visit it here!