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A trip to Thessaloniki, a stop at Tempi!

It’s been a while since i posted some photos but it’s been a while since i’ve gone somewhere! So, this time we all went to Thessaloniki (point A on the map). We followed the road as noted. It’s actually a 5 hour trip, without any stops you have to make in the middle. It’s quite a pleasant trip especially if you do it by car. A very nice place to make a stop is the Tempi valley, which is actually after Larissa. Some of my Greek friends must know what i am talking about. The river “Pinios” is going through mountain Olympos and a very nice and attractive tourist...
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Chalkis Castle

The weather yesterday was very nice, not too hot, neither too cold so a nice stroll was all i needed. I visited the castle of Chalkis. It was built back in 1684 by the Turks to help protect Chalkis. It is in a very strategic place controlling the small sea passage of Evroipos. It was successfuly held by the Turks until Greece was liberated back in 1831 and delivered to the Greek state. It is preserved pretty good and the walls are in a pretty good shape. Also, two Russian cannons from the 19th century are still there reminding to all of us that this was a war zone, not too long ago. I uploaded pictures...
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Saint Paraskevi’s Feast

On July 26th is Saint Paraskevi’s feast. She is the protecting saint of Chalkis. Every year there is a celebrating letourgy organized on the church and alot of people, all over Greece, come to show their respect. It is considered a big blessing. Also Saint Paraskevi is the protector for any eye sickness. In the night of the 25th is when this all happens. Then, for the whole following week, a big festival is held on the town that is fairly big (i would estimate about 3 kilometers of small shops with anything that one can imagine, it’s like an eastern market place). So, here are some pics...
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A beautiful… thunderstorm!

[Show picture list] Well title says it all. A few days ago i posted the nice sunset that was outside my house. Well yesterday night there was a thunderstorm! Now that was an amazing one. Lots of thunderbolts and at some points the night turned into a day! You can visit my gallery and see more pictures. They are all amazing if i might add. If you want i have them all on a 3072×2304 resolution, just mail me. Hope you like them as much as i...
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Sifnos pics 2006. God i miss it!

Well since the previous post “A nice sunset” had comments saying you guys want more, i am doing just that. Sifnos is an island located in the cyclads, Greece. It is a classical cyclad island with mountains and narrow roads. Ofcourse, magestic places and extra friendly and hospital people is the main feature. So in the gallery, here, you can find pictures from my last trip there. God i miss...
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