The weather yesterday was very nice, not too hot, neither too cold so a nice stroll was all i needed. I visited the castle of Chalkis. It was built back in 1684 by the Turks to help protect Chalkis. It is in a very strategic place controlling the small sea passage of Evroipos. It was successfuly held by the Turks until Greece was liberated back in 1831 and delivered to the Greek state. It is preserved pretty good and the walls are in a pretty good shape. Also, two Russian cannons from the 19th century are still there reminding to all of us that this was a war zone, not too long ago. I uploaded pictures for you to see in my gallery and i hope you enjoy them. These are pics from the castle it’s self along with pictures from the view that it has to the city of Chalkis. Pretty amazing view of all the bay and the market. It is a very nice place to visit indeed. Hope you like the pictures!