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Lines from “Whose Line”

I’ve always liked American shows, series (like “Three’s company”) and stuff, i guess culturally it fits me. I also love stand up comedy. Actually anything that has to do with it, stand up, imrpov etc. About a year ago i discovered a great show, “Whose line is it anyway”. It started as an English show, back in the eighties and then in ’98 it went to the states. I guess all my American readers should already know what i am talking about, all the othersshould have to take a quick look on Imdb. ...
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Dumb and dumber root commands

Managing a linux machine can be from extremely easy to extremely difficult depending on the level of abstraction to the system you are willing to use. For instance, using an Ubuntu distribution with an administrator-like user account (that’s a sudo-er) and synaptic, makes things actually pretty easy. But, in my humble opinion, the time when you need to get your hands a bit dirty will come sooner or later. Either you will need a program that is not available from the official sources (so compiling seems to be the only way) or you will be curious on “how can this be done manually”. And...
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7 of the most idiotic people of 2008

This email hit my inbox a few minutes ago from my beloved aunt Angie, and when i read it i decided to share this with you guys. I don’t know if this is published somewhere (if so please comment so i can give credits to the author) but i really think you guys are going to enjoy this. So, it’s like a “Golder globe” award to stupidity that took place last year. So here they are in reverse order. #7 The traffic genius In a semi-rural area (Weyauwega, Wisconsin) a new neighbor called the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on the...
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Project management cycle

This is so true and happens on the computer industry as a rule. I hate it but unfortunately it’s all over. I realy laughed hard with this one so i thought i’d share. Have...
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Women as C structs!

Before you go on i would like to tell you that this is funny only to those of you that you know some stuff about programming and C. So, i recently stumbled on a very funny blog post. I thought i’d repost it here as i found it hillarious!...
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