April, 2008 | stratos.me

Steganography and bitmap files for hardcores or… masochists!

Nowadays, security of our data has become a must that hunts us all. Many many ways are availiable on protecting our private data and hiding our files from others. The way everybody thinks about, when talking about security, is cryptography. But do you know that it is not the only way around?...
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Hex & Binary read / write in Java

The flexibility of this language is just outstanding. In it’s own organized way, you can read binary files and get the hex code or even the binary code. Then you can also write your data back to a binary file. Here is how…...
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Christ has risen!

Yes, today is the holiest day for all Christianity. Christ has risen giving us the good news. I wish you all a happy Easter period and may you all be overwelmed by love from all of those around you. Happy...
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Mesh… Is it going to be a success or a complete mess?

Today, reading several news i read about this one in slashdot here. It realy stroke me out. Actually, Mesh, is a product by Microsoft. According to the developers, what it does is it synchronizes all your devices (hard disks, portables etc etc) with your online “mesh”. This way, all your data and media are with you all the time, everywhere with online desktop, local folder application etc. It sounds alot like wixi, but i think the advantage will be that it’s going to be integrated with your OS. Oh, by the way, they say it’s going to be platform independent too, pretty...
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Holy Easter

The holiest days of the year approach. I wish you all a happy easter period and may you all be blessed with health and the love of those close to...
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