The past couple of days i had a hype for newsflashes. First i wrote this article on how to do a newsflash without any plugin and now i am releasing one! I know, paranoia, but still i figured that it would help people out. For this plugin, i used the options table provided by WordPress. This has a bonus: most of the variables in that table are preloaded when WordPress initializes. So, retrieving data from that table does not cost any extra query. It’s just a few more CPU cycles. I think that people that don’t want to mess around with their theme and get on all this trouble, can spare those.

I will be also entering this plugin to the WordPress plugin competition. I know that i have no chance there since most of the plugins submitted are extraordinary but still i figure i have nothing to lose to let people know about my work.

So, if anyone finds the need for newsflashes this is the way people. Check out the plugin’s page here and the WordPress repository.