bannerI’ve been upsent for quite some time now. This is because i was onto something. I was learning the framework of Adobe AIR. It’s a quite nice tool for rapid desktop development with Web standards. You actually use Javascript and HTML to code desktop applications. In order to find my way around this new technology i needed a project. Some people find it convenient to learn by buying a book. What i do is i throw my self into some serious coding. That is my way of learning. So, i decided to go on with a project. It is called “BloggerBuddy” and it is an approach of mine on an RSS reader.  I have tried many readers before and they all organize feeds in a certain way which does not suit me. The one i liked the most is Google Reader but i wanted something to integrate on my desktop. Besides that, BloggerBuddy has another advantage. It is designed from a blogger (yup that’s me) for bloggers (and that is you!). It has a nice feature where when a post is marked as a “commented on”, next time it tries to fetch the latest comment. This way you will be able to easily track the activity on posts you want to see how the discussion goes. So, go on and check it out. If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions take a look at the “Feedback” button on the left of the homepage.

Other than that, i have about three posts in a draft state for quite some time and i want to post them soon. So, keep on visiting!