December, 2008 | - Part 2

Get rid of the Sociable plugins. Do it yourself!

While i am at the topic of WordPress tweaks here is another one. Since i started coding plugins, i keep encouraging people to minimize their plugin needs. They are resource hungry and may cause problems due to security issues on your blog. There are those that agree to that but say that on the other hand there are those people that are not comfortable and familiar with code and cannot do changes on their own. Thus, they need some plugins to do the job, although the task at hand could be coded easily. As i think they are right at that point, i decided to write this small article on how to get rid of the...
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Adding a “featured” post on your theme

Here i am with another coding tweak for your WordPress blog. I don’t want to repeat my self on how you should try to avoid using a plugin when something can be done by hand. This task, adding a featured post on your frontpage, i must admit is a bit more complicated than the others so please only follow if you are comfortable with php and the WordPress framework. If not, then the WordPress plugin directory is what you probably need. Still with me? Ok, here is what we are going to do. We are going to add a block on top of your homepage that holds a featured post. This way, the post you think...
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Update to WordPress 2.7 for $25!

A few days ago i brought up a small portfolio site for my services. I decided to start seeking clients for freelance jobs. Obviously, i haven’t had any luck yet, so i decided to proceed with an offer. WordPress 2.7 will be released on December 5th 2008 1AM UTC (less than ten hours when writing this post). I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that don’t feel comfortable updating their blog as they are afraid that something might go wrong. So, i will be doing this for you for just $25! I feel this more than a cheap price since the work i will be doing will take more than an hour,...
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How can a WordPress plugin be unsafe

I recently read this comment. What the commenter said is that a WordPress plugin can pose a security risk for your site. That is entirely true. You must remember my post about minimizing plugin use and doing whatever can be done by hand. That is one of the reasons. But how can this happen? Well, a WordPress plugin, as any piece of code, can be vulnerable to various kinds of attacks, if poorly written. Actually, even if taken well cared for, they can still have holes that the coder did not notice. That’s because he is a human after all. But how severe can this security risks be? ...
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Portfolio site is up!

As you all know, recently, i made an effort to find a way to earn the costs for my server. My thought was to put up some ads (a couple of them on the top section to be exact) so the payoff would be just fine. It is true that i didn’t like my option since i don’t like advertising that much but, at the time, it seemed nessesary. On that post, Kim and Raju commented telling me that i should actually start a small freelancing bussiness where people can hire me for various tasks, including WordPress plugin creation and tweaking. It sounded like a nice idea, and since the advertising didn’t...
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