As you all know, recently, i made an effort to find a way to earn the costs for my server. My thought was to put up some ads (a couple of them on the top section to be exact) so the payoff would be just fine. It is true that i didn’t like my option since i don’t like advertising that much but, at the time, it seemed nessesary. On that post, Kim and Raju commented telling me that i should actually start a small freelancing bussiness where people can hire me for various tasks, including WordPress plugin creation and tweaking. It sounded like a nice idea, and since the advertising didn’t go well i decided to setup a small portfolio site. It took me a few days, but here it is now. At you can meet my “commercial” alter ego 🙂

Here, i would like to take the opportunity and thank the three people that gave me testimonials: Ms. Kim Woodbridge, Mr. Mike Nichols and Ms. Yael K. Miller.

Please go through on what i can offer and to for you and your blog. What do you think about it? If there is anything you want to clarify, or want to ask do not hesitate to contact me. Wish me luck on my new endevour!