A few days ago i brought up a small portfolio site for my services. I decided to start seeking clients for freelance jobs. Obviously, i haven’t had any luck yet, so i decided to proceed with an offer. WordPress 2.7 will be released on December 5th 2008 1AM UTC (less than ten hours when writing this post). I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that don’t feel comfortable updating their blog as they are afraid that something might go wrong. So, i will be doing this for you for just $25! I feel this more than a cheap price since the work i will be doing will take more than an hour, it will be very well taken care of, and will include the following:

  1. You will receive an e-mail that i am starting the upgrade process.
  2. I will fully backup your database and all your WordPress files.
  3. I will start the Update process.
  4. When done, i will e-mail you with a link to your backup that you must download to be safe from future loses.
  5. You pay me 🙂

Here is a note i would like to make. Some plugins might have some problems with the new version especially their dashboard widgets. That is because WordPress changed the way dashboard widgets render so some of them might not work. In that case i will let you know and you can decide to remove the widget from the dashboard, uninstall the plugin completely or rollback to your older version of WordPress (2.6 that is) till the plugin gets compatible.

This offer stands for this weekend and this weekend only, till Sunday December 7 that is. After that i will still be offering the service but the price, most probably, will be different. For all the services i offer, please take a look at my protfolio site.

If you want to go on and hire me for the job mail me at jobs [at] stratosector [dot] com. You can also mail me there for any service you would like.

Go WordPress!