In the past i have been negative on advertising on any of my sites. I then twisted that and opened the “Member of the Month” section where the top commenter gets his banner on my sidebar free of charge for a month. This was not all that bad since it is actually a way to say thanks to a frequent visitor and commenter. My point of view is that i blog for fun and not for money. This hasn’t changed actually. What has changed is that i moved onto a better server, meaning bigger costs for me. I am not saying that i can’t finance the expenses myself but it would take a bug burden of my shoulders if the server was all paid for. So, i came up with a minimum of an advertisement campaign.

There is a thin line i am trying not to cross. On one side is a blog clean enough to be easily readable and not annoying to my visitors and on the other side is putting ads on a spot that is a good place for advertisers well worth their money. So, here is what i decided to do. I am going to try make the costs from having two advertisements on the top right corner, making enough money just for my server. I will not put them on any other place so it won’t get messy.

I am really curious and anxious to see if this is going to work out, to actually see if someone thinks five bucks is cheap enough to buy a spot here. If it doesn’t, and the spots remain empty for a period of time, i will remove them and cancel the whole thing. In that case i’ll just have to keep going as i am right now.

So, bare with me people. I am experimenting with this. What do you think? Is it worth it? Is it too expensive? Should i got to $2.5 maybe? I guess time will show…