As you already know, i moved on a Virtual Private Server the other day. The quest on finding something to fit my needs was not very easy. When i say “needs” i mean cheap but reliable hosting with total control over the server and as much as i can get for my money. I had a couple of failures (yes i payed $8 for a crappy service that was down about 80% of the two days i tried it out) but finally i found Those guys are excellent! They have very affordable plans. Moreover, when they say instant setup they mean it! Here is a more detailed list of what i think are the highlights of their service:

  • Their plans start from as low as $7!
  • What amazed me the most was the instant setup. I signed up, payed and immediately i was emailed login details for the control panel. When i logged in i had my dedicated IP address and there was an option “Install OS”. After issuing an installation command for my debian, 5 minutes later my server was up and running! Amazing! From signup to root access i would say that it took me 15-20 mins.
  • No glitches whatsoever. Great bandwidth. I downloaded my data from the other server with over 1.7Mb/s!
  • Their control panel is extremely simple and has all the info you need.
  • Haven’t tried their customer support yet but isn’t that a good sign? 🙂

I am telling you guys. If you want a cheap VPS, VPSLink is the way to go. Now, on the link to their site i have my referral code. If you are kind enough let it be there. Moreover, if you sign up with my referral code you will get a lifetime 10% off! So, let me know if you try them out and tell me what you think!