Quite a few years have gone by since i started fiddling around with my first HTML. Then, back in 2006, i bought my first domain and hosting in godaddy. Since then, it’s all uphill! Till now i have quite a few domains and even more sites i am managing. It was a nice ride with the shared hosting but it doesn’t fit my needs any more. I need a lot more than just a simple control panel and a laggy response. So, i decided i should go with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). For those of you that don’t know what exactly this is, well basically, on one machine virtually the hoster provides many OS’s. But not too many. So, no more lag. Also, now i am the master and commander of the server now. That means i am in charge of everything. I’ve done server management before so this shouldn’t be that hard.

I need a favor from all of you guys right now… If you find any glitch, problem, broken link etc then please contact me or leave a comment here letting me know what exactly the problem is. It will save me from alot of trouble believe me. Also please tell me how you see the loading time… Is it fast? Is it ok? Is it slow?

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back!