Christmas is here and, as promised, i will giveway the game “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville“. I used’s list shuffler to create a winner from a very short list. The participants as entered were:

  1. Raju
  2. Sire
  3. Madhur
  4. Andrea

The list was shuffled and the result was:

  1. Raju
  2. Madhur
  3. Andrea
  4. Sire

Obviously, congratulations to Raju! I wish there were more names there but i am not that popular as it seems 🙂 Also, i wish i could giveaway a game to each of my readers but that can’t happen either. Anyway, i contacted the winner for his present. This post is here just to tell him a congrats. I wish you all a very happy Christmas holiday season with helth and love.