techppOne more month has gone by and here i am with the new “Member Of The Month”. This is something i started back in July and it seems i will keep since it’s a way of giving back to you guys, my readers and commenters. This month, since all the holiday has taken over me (the whole world actually but we are talking about me now) and i forgot to come up with the new MOTM in time. I would have remembered eventually but it would be late. I was reminded though by the rightful winner of this month. With no further due, MOTM of the month December is Raju with 19 comments! You can see his banner on the right widget and the link on the updated motm page. So, thanks Raju for comming back and commenting!

In other news, as you might have found out by this comment from the current top commenter, Raju, this blog has a PR of 3 now. I don’t value Google’s strategy of valuing blogs but i must admit this is something that shows me that i am doing something here after over almost a year. One more thing i’d like to let you all guys know is that the lack of posts the past few days is not because i have run out of things to write about but it seems i have run out of words to express my self. So, i figure that i better sit back and relax for a few days till my writing skills come back to me rather than start a goose chase on them that will only decrease the value of my posts. That’s it i’m done rumbling. Have a happy new year (again) and congrats to Raju!

Edit: I got rid of the CAPTCHA thing for the comments and added a more humane math thingy. Tell me how it works out for you.