You all must know that the other day there was some constructive critisism of my lolcats plugin. It was a good thing that happened because i had the opportunity to see new blogs and, most importantly, meet new people. In the author’s post, Mr. Mike Nichols had more than his say, he had a better suggestion for me. I already said i wanted to start simple but i couldn’t find anything that hasn’t been done yet.

So, Mr. Mike said, that a footnotes plugin is something that I could code and would be usefull. There are already a couple of plugins doing just that but he was not all that satisfied, so, we teamed up together. He sent me some suggestions and ideas on how and what to implement and, I coded. The outcome is a very very simple plugin. No options page is coded since, for one, it is a very simple thing that does not need it and, also, i am not that fluent with option pages on WordPress plugins.

But, what are those footnotes? I am sure that most of you must have read, one time or another, a scientific paper. You must have seen that, at the bottom of the document, there is a sometimes pretty big list with sources containing more info on the paper or sources that the author used to prepare it. Those are numbered and the numbers correspond to an anchor in the text itself. This is what the plugin does. I won’t get into more detail since the plugin’s page says it all (you can download it from there too).

If you use it and find any bugs, have any suggestions or anything at all please leave a comment and i’ll definitely look at it and get in touch with you!

So, what do you think about the plugin and about my work in general?