twitterThere is a huge meme going on the Twitter world these days called #FollowFriday (started by Micah with whom i am in no way affiliated). I am sure you all know what it’s all about. You just tweet suggestions about people you think your followers should be acquainted with and maybe interested in their tweets. This results in massive follows on Fridays, even for me, a small little birdie. I wasn’t into this meme until recently. I always thought that it wasn’t that worth it anyhow. But, a couple of Fridays ago, i decided to join in and tweet a follow Friday. I wanted to thank all those tweeple that make my experience with this social network pleasant. So, i started creating the tweet and i found out it was rather hard to compose it. I had to visit twitter, find my followers, choose among them and for each one i chose i had to copy his username and make sure everything went well. It took me well over 5 minutes to compose the tweet. And then i thought that a tool that would let me view my followers and simply click on which one i want to add would be great. I searched a little and found nothing ready. Since i always wanted to try out Twitter’s API i decided to go on with one of my own. And, as a result, “FollowFriday” tool was created. So, if you want to check it out and see if it fits your needs be my guest! Rest assured that none of the credentials you provide is stored on the server.

I would also like to thank Kim for troubleshooting with me. Hope you like it and let me know if you find any bug or have any suggestion!

Photo by Matt Hamm